Selim Tekin

Who is Selim Tekin

Hello, my friends. I'm Selim. In the year 07/07/1984, I was born in Ankara, Turkey. I quit school after high school. I've been very interested in football since I was 16-17. Football is almost my life. I've been doing this for a long time. But I've been working professionally for the last 10 years.

I've sold betting coupons on my website for several years. I was pretty good. I've never worked with any company before. I received a job offer few companies in Turkey, but did not accept. We met Anar in 2014 at a restaurant in Ankara. He's a very dear friend of mine. When he suggested working together, I couldn't refuse. And for the last 1.5 years, I've been working with Magical Tips.


02 June 2019, Analysis

Dear users, I am your analyst Selim Tekin. This article is prepared for our users with 100% fixed s

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$ 150 Discount

02 June 2019, Analysis

Hello, my friends. I am Selim. I would like to inform you about our 100% Fixed service. Since most

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Weekend Tips

12 April 2019, Analysis

Hello my friends. I am Selim. I've chosen 15 games for tomorrow. We will begin the analysis process

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11 April 2019, Analysis

Hi, I am Selim. I know we've had bad results lately. And I apologize to all of you for that. I prom

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100% Fixed Service

13 March 2019, Apps

Hello, my friends. I'm Selim Tekin. Our 100% Fixed Service continues very successfully. We would be

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You want to win?

12 February 2019, Information

I'm your analyst Selim Tekin. Although we give successful estimates, most of our users "can not win

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