100% Fixed Service

• An opportunity to meet Selim Tekin.
• 100% guaranteed tips every day.
• There are no ads in the application.
• Matches are 100% analyzed.
• No risk of loss.
• Daily 1 or 2 predictions are given.
• Daily odds are at least +2-3.

You can learn everything about our 100% service from the article below.

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About the Magical 100% Fixed Service [ $350 Monthly ]

First of all, this is not an application, it is a special service we offer you. When you benefit from this service, you will have the opportunity to meet Selim Tekin.

There is no risk of loss in our 100% guaranteed service. You're given estimates are subject to a lengthy analysis process. You can learn by clicking "here".

1 or 2 estimates are given daily. The odds of the estimates given vary between 2-3. Sometimes it can be higher.

Estimates are sent daily to your e-mail address. If the analysis process is long, the estimates will reach you at noon.

The price of our 100% Guaranteed Service is fixed. The monthly fee for this service is $ 350. The amount you will earn will be 100 times more.

Elite app users can benefit from this service for 3 month 50% discount. If you do not pay again when the time is up, the service you receive will be stopped.

We accept payment with Western Union, MoneyGram and UPT. You can review our payment methods by clicking here.

You can review the app's success statistics, screenshots and comments from the below. Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Visit our FAQ page.

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